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Chiara Cappetta- Wabi Sabi

January 1, 2018

“Wabi Sabi is a project based on this untranslatable Japanese world which means: wabi(侘) ‘simple’ and sabi (寂) ‘old’, something that is getting older but still has a story to tell. So, in the Japanese aesthetic this world view brings us to accept that the earth’s beauty is impermanent, imperfect, and that’s what makes it special.



"Firstly, myself and my best friend Luca Migliaro (the stylist) were deeply inspired by two friends of ours, Bruna and Marcella, and their pale and delicate complexion. 


We chose the location to be that of a hill in our hometown, Agropoli, because there was unfortunately, a massive fire there. We wanted to emphasise the living nature, colours, purity and the youth within this dead place.


Bruna and Marcella are close friends and as you can see there is a clear connection between them. When I developed the roll and watched the shots I thought about them as angels, temporary creatures  on earth appearing to invite us to join their world. That’s why Bruna extend her hand to us and then they ran away.. and disappeared.”















Photography:  @folur_

Styling:             @lukawaii

MUA:                @mairim.c

Models:            @brdidato & @marcgalardo

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