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Madison Seabrook- 51.2250° N, 0.3086° W.

January 1, 2018

“As a third-year undergraduate studying in the UK, my work is based around people, often focusing on how modern life impacts people. My work used to be literally focused on what was in front of the lens. Using opportunities when out and about I wanted to use framing and detail to create visually interesting photographs. My work was about exploring the variety of colours nature comes in, whilst also delving into the finer details and texture of objects. However, after starting my degree I quickly became interested in staging scenes to explore a concept for a project. I now enjoy working with new subjects such as portraiture and documentary whilst also using new techniques that include digital manipulation and medium format film.”



51.2250° N, 0.3086° W. was a project where I explored how a specific location could hold feelings within a person. My location of choice was Box Hill, Surrey where we scattered my grandpa's ashes when I was a little girl. I hadn't been back since that day and the anniversary was approaching which made this feel like a perfect time to revisit the hill. I held no expectations of the trip and wasn't sure what the outcome would look like, but by going along slowly and accepting the different emotions that the whole trip brought up I felt like the work reflects the emotional journey.


















Website: www.madisonseabrook.co.uk

Facebook: /MSPhotographym

Instagram: @madisonseabrookphotography


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