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Hugo Sousa- Sole Figures

March 1, 2018

I am currently an audio-visual student from Portugal. My approach to photography is closely related to my passion for film-making. I discovered and took interest in photography because I could focus my attention entirely in one frame, taking out the time factor also presents a challenge on how an audience reads your work. This is also one of the reasons that led me to shoot solely on film because of the discipline it poses. You are forced to be at least a bit more disciplined with how you present your point of view of a subject. Also since film is the lights direct imprint, I find it to contain a certain sense of presence that a pixel can't simulate and I love exploring that. A fun approach I often take is to imagine that each photograph is the thumbnail of a film scene, therefore it must summarize everything that happens in that scene.

My work often reflects my state of mind, I meditate by wandering off alone with a camera and the feeling of loneliness and self-exploration hopefully translates through my photographs.


I mainly photograph with 135 colour film but recently I have begun using 120 black and white film and love it. I'm saving right now to buy a medium format camera!









Instagram: @hug._o

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