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Ollie Hayward- Body Of Ours

March 1, 2018

Ollie Hayward is an artist and photographer who creates multimedia, self-portrait based work that aims to unpick and critique the ever-changing discourse surrounding gender and sexuality. Each series aims to document and challenge our relationships with our bodies and personal identities within the larger context of society.













Body of Ours is an exploration of pain, pride and the idea of self. Documenting himself performing alongside a sculpture resembling a physical manifestation of the artist, Ollie Hayward has produced a body of work over the course of five sequences (the final being a video) that examine how each of us interacts with the often complex ideas we have of ourselves. The insecurities we keep hidden from the world akin to something dirty to the more admirable/acceptable traits we wear like an armour upon our bodies. This project looks directly at the sensory ways of being.


The flesh sculptures are both beautiful and monstrous. They symbolise the gut wrenching torment of self-hatred; the rush of blood in a panic attack; the inner demons and lack of self-worth; the painful journey we all go through understanding and accepting our flaws; wearing these like an armour in the face of adversity; the need and want to be loved, the pride we feel when it is reciprocated. The sculpture is everyone/part of us all. A grotesque but familiar "human" tumour of it all.


Website: www.olliehayward.com

Instagram: @ollie.hayward

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