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Daniele Doe- Escrevi Saudade

July 1, 2018

My name is Daniela Doe, better known as DÖE. I am 21 year old visual artist and designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. I graduated in Fashion Design and continued my studies in Communication Design. My main interests are illustration, graphic, fashion design, photography and video. I love mixing all these visual arts to create and express my ideas, concerns and emotions.


I began shooting with 35mm film a year ago and have since gained a passion for the process of analogue photography. Photography has always been a major interest of mine and I especially love watching people and how their actions can communicate something through the lens. I am a very curious person and I like to experiment in different ways when I print my photographs, I like to make interventions on them. Like cuts, using stickers or using a hot needle to draw on photo paper.


I make pictures as a way of pulling things out of my head and making sense of them. Images, like almost everything else we make, are part of a certain language. The message sometimes takes some decoding, but it's always there. Much of my imagery is an exploration of my concerns, dreams and emotions.


This sense of wonderment about the visual world is what led me into creating images and I hope it is communicated to the viewer. I find my work is most successful when it is most personal. When I begin a piece of work I try to get behind the project by relating it to something personal or familiar.


I daydream a lot and this is how my creative process usually begins. In my sketchbook, I begin by drawing things as they come to mind. Free association is my favourite way to stumble upon something, an attempt to surprise myself. Unusual combinations often lead to strong results.


My current work is shaped by an interest in illustration, graphic and fashion design, photography and video.


This series of photos reflects how I see my friends and how they make me feel. All the spontaneous conversations and the genuine time we share together goes so fast. They are all an inspiration to me and I use the essence of each one in all my works.

There is an immensity of life between us

we are the meaning of the truth

in the luxury of the innocent

in the opulence of the well versed


Give me a one-way ticket

vowing to go up and over up and over until we revert back to the way we once were 


a pretty word for dissatisfaction  

tearing down walls only to romanticize that word we know better than anyone. 



We build up to break down to reinforce what we already know

but yet there is a beyond

and yet still there is more

still there is life in the existential 

still there in the thoughts between sleep and waking 

still between the jump and the falling down



Reflecting truly and how pure we are 

reflecting breath and sighs

reflecting the sun and the moon

and between it all

there is so much life

yes between us 

there is an immensity of life.










Website: www.danieladoe.com

Instagram: @danieladoe

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