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Marie Smith- White Trainers

July 1, 2018

Marie Smith’s practice engages with photography, specifically 35mm and 120 film photography.  Smith seeks to develop a practice that is concerned with the representation of identity in relation to memory, architecture and landscape. Born and raised in London, Smith uses the canon of memory to address the complexities of her diaspora identity through personal experiences. Smith's observations on film documents portraits, still life's and the architectural juxtapositions that occur in complex landscapes of London.


For Smith, it is essential to create a distinct and honest appraisal; abstracting her gaze to create her version of the surroundings she inhabits.


From 1990 to 1993, I live at Patio Close in South London. My Dad committed suicide outside of our home in May 1993, a month after my 12th birthday. This is my first visit back in 20 years. This series is my attempt to discuss themes around death; mental health, location and architecture.
















Website: www.marieelainasmith.com

Instagram: @marie_elaina_

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