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Paula Tollett- Inbetween

December 3, 2018


Paula Tollett is an artist based in East Sussex and a recent graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.


Tollett’s practice explores the relationship between space and people where she is interested in how people can essentially become a product of their own environment.


The series Inbetween takes place within the childhood home, exploring the relationship between mother and daughter where the concepts of space is explored.



The project Inbetween explores the relationship between space and emotions. Focusing on feelings of uncertainty and ambivalence. The series takes place in the domestic setting of the family home, using the spaces around me to unpick at the very close, yet distant relationship that my mum and I share together. Our relationship is something that can be somewhat complex, we are both very similar people in terms of how repressed we are emotionally but we are always connected. It was this sense of intimacy but yet distance that I was keen to explore. In the project my work aims to come to no conclusion but to rather understand a bit more about relationship throughout the process.


Check out more of Paula's work here:



Instagram: @paula_tollett 

Twitter: @p_vjayne
















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